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In the wake of a terrorist attack on a Mosque, ICQ urges authorities to do more in countering right wing extremism

Tuesday 20 June 2017


Our prayers and sympathies are with the victims of the terrorist attack at the Finsbury Park Mosque, North London.

We have previously raised concerns about the rising Islamophobia and extreme rhetoric by some radio hosts, media commentators, and politicians. This terrorist attack is a stark reminder of the danger of excusing radical commentary in the guise of national security. We cannot counter extremism by being extreme. We urge the Australian authorities to do more in countering right-wing extremism within Australia.

In a display of real Islamic Character, Imam Mohammed Mahmoud of Finsbury Park Mosque protected the alleged terrorist from being attacked by other worshippers. His actions are a demonstration of commitment Muslims have towards protecting the right of every human being to a fair trail.

The aim of these extremists is to divide us and make us feel unsafe in our countries. We urge the Muslim community to continue with the efforts of building bridges and promoting unity through dialogue and help defeat divisive extremism.


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