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ICQ’s clarification on comments in Courier Mail

Date: 27/12/2016

We acknowledge that there is a difference in opinion among Islamic theological scholars as to the permissibility of wishing Happy Christmas within the tenets of the Islamic faith. A number of respected scholars, including classical scholars, are of the view that it is not permissible to wish someone Happy Christmas as it may compromise ones own faith and beliefs.

Muslims who support and abide by this opinion are not opposed to Christians and/or others celebrating Christmas. This opinion does not make such Muslims extremists. Like some Christian sects and people who do not follow a particular faith, these Muslims typically replace the word “Christmas” with “Festive Season” or “holidays” when wishing others well. We believe this is a right of every citizen in our country and should be protected under the freedoms of speech and religion. The statements quoted in Couriermail article were a result of miscommunication and do not reflect the opinion of Ali Kadri or Islamic Council of Queensland.

The Islamic Council of QLD’s official position on wishing ‘Happy Christmas’ remains unchanged. ICQ’s adopted position was adopted after consultation with Council of Imams and our members. This position is supported by many local and international scholars. We do not consider wishing merry Christmas as compromising our faith.

We acknowledge that Islamic jurisprudence allows for differences of opinions amongst scholars. We urge the broader Muslim community to respect such differences and refrain from passing judgement.

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